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Project Development

The start of your project.

At ENSO we know all projects are complex. It is essential to have an extremely good understanding of the biomass sector, the legislation, to look for investors and financial backing, and to make complex studies to ensure the fuel supply so that the project will be successful. And to do all this, there is no other company like ENSO Energy Environment and Sustainability. This is our division in charge of making operational any sustainable industry initiative, where it is very important to know and understand the complexity of this process and have experience to carry it out successfully.

Support from numbers.

Over the life of this company, we have managed to raise over 500 million euros of financing, driven forward national and international projects for more than 1000 MW, and helped many companies purchase assets through due diligence processes. All of this is possible thanks to our robust business model audited by various entities, and our flexibility when it comes to collaboration models, either forming a network of associate companies to achieve synergies and bring in strategic partners, or by working under contract for a single client. 


Some of the entities with which we have financed projects are:



Make your project a reality. Contact our Project Development Team at project.dev@enso.energy

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Fuel Supply

Count on our energy at all times.

Through our affiliates GESBI [Gestión de Biomasas], a biomass management company, and CCB [Compañía Comercializadora de Biomasa], a biomass power marketer, we can manage the biomass supply for our power plants, move biomass for other companies, and we have even, thanks to our knowledge of the energy sector, helped partners or clients manage the supply of other fuels, such as natural gas.

We handle more than 100,000 tons of biomass a year.

To secure these volumes, we have short- and long-term contracts with the market's leading suppliers. Also, as part of our strategy, we handle thousands of hectares of forest, thereby guaranteeing that, even in the most adverse conditions, our power plants never run short of supplies. And we always have the utmost respect for our forests.

A sustainable and certified supply

Sustainability is one of our principles, which we apply in our daily business and also in the projects we collaborate on. For this reason, we  have been the second group in Europe to obtain the SURE Certification. We work with:


Forestry waste.

Farming waste, such as vine prunings and others.

Agri-food industry waste, primarily olive-oil solid waste from olive-oil production.

Waste from prunings, gardens and greenhouses, thereby preventing the anaerobic digestion of this green waste, 21 times more potent than CO2 in terms of its capacity to destroy the ozone layer.

Do you have or need biomass? Contact our Biomass Supply Team at Biomass.Supply@enso.energy



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Engineering and Construction

We know thermal engineering. And we know a lot.

We have worked on the most diverse projects related to thermal engineering. This work is done by our affiliate ENSO Global Energy Solutions, a company of global renown with 20 years of history behind it, and a big presence in the sector, as demonstrated by the fact that in 2017 and 2018 we reached a 50% share of the domestic market for large boiler construction, competing with the best international companies.

If it has anything to do with thermal engineering, it has something to do with us.

  • We design facilities from scratch for any fuel type.

  • We optimise existing facilities with the most modern technologies (including computational fluid dynamics or CFD).

  • We supply proprietary-designed boilers with the CE marking in the range of 3 MWe to 50 MWe. We can build them in Spain or closer to the project, so we can work in any corner of the world. 

  • We can design and execute any element our client needs, such as pipes, metal structures, economisers, superheaters, etc.

  • We do revamping and retrofitting.

  • Thanks to our alliances with leading-edge tech companies, we have the ability to carry out EPC projects.

  • Made-to-measure solutions, thanks to our Bioblock concept.

Companies who have relied on us

Find out what we are capable of



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If you have a question about thermal energy solutions, contact the Bids Team at ENSO GES. proposals.ensoges@enso.energy


“Biomass experts from beginning to end”

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Read more

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

A daily task that is always notable

We perform this service through ENSO O&M (Spain) and Magestop (Portugal). They are in charge of bringing value to the daily management of all kinds of thermal, electric or thermoelectric power plants. We can do this thanks to our high quality personnel teams, which regularly take part in ongoing training programmes in which they are made to rotate through different jobs to enhance their skills and versatility. We also involve these affiliates in the design and control of the construction and start-up of new projects, to make sure that excellence begins as soon as they are in operation.

Today we are operating in…

Bioeléctrica de Garray Plan

17MWe in Garray (Spain)

View project

Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant in Zaragoza


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Fundão Biomass Plant

15 MW in Fundão (Portugal)

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Viseu Biomass Plant

15 MW in Viseu (Portugal)

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Previous projects

  • Burgess Biopower 75 MWe. N.H. USA- O&M Support Services 2017–2019

  • ENSO GES - Fundão& Viseu, Portugal - Boiler commission support. 2019

  • ENSO GES - Huelva & Puertollano- Boiler start-up support. 2019

  • Extragol Biomass Plant (9.15 MWe, Malaga, Spain) O&M 2014–2016

  • Olextra Cogeneration Plant (17.5 MWe, Malaga, Spain) O&M 2014–2016

  • Bioenergética Egabrense Biomass Plant (8 MWe Córdoba, Spain) O&M 2014–2016

  • Bioenergética Egabrense Cogeneration Plant (14 MWe Córdoba, Spain) O&M 2014–2016



If you need more help for your plant, contact the ENSO O&M team at operation.maintenance@enso.energy


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Asset Management

Top performance always.

It is important for a power plant to always offer top performance. Through ENSO Energy Environment and Sustainability, we develop and implement actions that incorporate enhancements (technical, operational and business-related) and optimise economic viability at all times. We currently do this at our biomass plant called Bioeléctrica de Garray, in Soria, and also at the power plants of Fundão and Viseu in Portugal.

Optimising means making a good thing better.

These are some of the examples of improvements that we have incorporated into the power plants we run:

  • Hybridisation with olive-oil solid waste to improve economic viability.

  • We use exhaust gases from natural gas to dry the biomass.

  • We establish a systematic record of biomass intakes and analyses to determine the most profitable fuels based on their moisture, ash and inert content.

  • Redesign of OFA (Over Furnace Air) and gases recycled through CFD.

  • Improved dust reduction systems.

  • Use of thermographic camera in the boiler through ultrasound and to measure the temperature of the biomass piles in real time.

  • Automatic weigher and app to make the biomass 100% traceable. Our having real-time knowledge of who is bringing the biomass, what they are bringing, from where, and when it will arrive means we achieve significant logistical and operative optimisation.

  • Air blasters to prevent bottlenecks.

  • Communication systems and latest-generation control valves.

  • We were pioneers in obtaining additional revenues through participation in the REE (ancillary services markets of the Spanish power grid) regulation band (biomass can be managed to contribute to the equilibrium of the grid system when other power plants are down).

  • Projects for the recycling of ashes (fertilisers, soil cement, etc.).

  • Project for the capture, scrubbing and use of CO2 (LIFE CO2 INT BIO).


If your plant needs improving, contact our technical office today at technical.dept@enso.energy 


Energy Services Company (ESC): renewable energy supply Read more

Energy Services Company (ESC): renewable energy supply

Discover the advantages of being sustainable.

Because of its price, because of the future, because of the domestic, European, and global incentives, because of responsibility… letting go of fossil fuels and switching to renewables is a great opportunity. ENSO Energy Environment and Sustainability can help you in that transition. We create an ad-hoc facility for each process and we supply the energy needed, be it heat, cooling or electricity, or all of it at once.

Whom might this interest?

Any company consuming a significant amount of thermal energy (thermal output upwards of 8 MWt, steam demands above 5 t/h, high volumes of hot water) and/or electricity (for example, 64,000 MWhe/year) is a suitable candidate to change the source of their energy supply.

Advantages of working with us.

We get involved in the entire cycle of the project (from analysis of energy needs to the design, construction and maintenance of the technological solutions) performing comprehensive energy management that allows our clients to focus entirely on their main activity. All of this is based on principles of energy efficiency, sustainability and innovation. 

Our biomass is clean and sustainable, sourced from agricultural prunings and forest waste.

Our vision. We can tell you about it, but you are better off seeing it.

For us, this respect for the environment is fundamental, something we at ENSO and at Tikehau, our main investor, believe in, as Pierre Abadie explains perfectly in this video.



Move on to the advantages of green energy. Contact the Energy Services Team at ESCO.Proposals@enso.energy