Biomass Sector

ENSO launches its new website

The Japanese concept of ENZO or ENSO, of simplicity and emptiness, is an entire philosophy of life that we have attempted to apply to the design of our new website.

1 December 2020

In its emptiness, the circle represents absolute plenitude, simplicity, wholeness, infiniteness and the perfection of harmony. 

It also symbolises illumination, strength, elegance, the universe and the void. 

We want to show how we are able to take on any project from all angles with a sustainable perspective and approach. We have extensive capabilities and experience to draw from after 20 years in this industry, and it has been challenging to summarise and present them in simple and coherent way. We trust that we have managed to do that. 

This website will now be available to anyone who wants to get to know us or find out more about non-conventional fuels. Contact forms can be used to contact the various divisions directly, depending on the visitor's needs.