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ENSO presents its Circular Economy Project at BIOPLAT Annual Meeting

Commitment to the bio-economy: ENSO presented Garray as an engine for the circular bio-economy at the annual meeting of BIOPLAT. The presentation was the highlight of the meeting, with 104 attendees.

29 October 2020

At the BIOPLAT Annual Meeting, at which the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda was also presented, in whose preparation ENSO was also an active participant as co-coordinator of the bioenergy working group, ENSO played a distinguished role presenting its circular initiatives and the involvement of the Bioeléctrica de Garray Plant as an economic engine in the region.  

 Agenda Estratégica de Investigación e Innovación

Topics discussed include the attraction of new investments such as the greenhouse, the CO2 capture plant subsidised by the European Union under the LIFE program, and the future plant for manufacturing organic fertilizers from biomass ash. Numerous technological centres attended the event, in which other initiatives of interest were also presented.