Biomass Sector

We launched a campaign to gain presence in France in 2019

This year, 2019, we have launched a high-tempo presence campaign to make ourselves known. In January we were in Rennes, and in November we were in Paris. We also attended the European Exhibition in Lisbon this May.

13 November 2020

As part of our international expansion campaign, we have taken significant steps to publicise our technology. To do this, we attended two specialist exhibitions.  

In January we were at the Salon Bois Energie in Rennes, where we had a highly visited stand and our Chief Operations Officer took part in the conferences. 

In November we attended POWERGEN in Paris, a top-level international event that had over 18,000 visitors. We also had a stand there and our CEO gave a presentation. We were able to expand our list of suppliers and present ourselves to the public of all the countries.  


Salón Bois Energie en Rennes

Our CEO's intervention in the discussion panel after the presentation